Misia Lou Mormina is a photographer and filmmaker based in Istanbul. She was born in a small town in the north of Italy. She completed her Bachelor degree in Humanities and Communication in the University of Milan. In Istanbul she finished her Master in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from Sabanci University. In university she worked as a teaching assistant and researcher. She was always interested in conveying her ideas and thoughts through images and visual language. She mostly works on experimental video and analogical photography. With photography she works with film and she focuses in artistic and documentary photography.



Dream and Unconscious Visions 


Contemporary reality has evolved in a hostile and difficult place for people to live. It' s a place where individuals cannot express themselves freely, they cannot be free and reveal their real essence, their identity. In this reality, dream and fantasies become the only escape from a reality that constrains individuals to be something that they are not. Dreams are seen as an escape from reality. But dreams sometimes can become nightmares, idyllic and peaceful fantasies can be interrupted by the deepest and unexpected fears.


This photography series attempt to show how a woman ( that it’s a metaphor to depict the woman condition in modern society)  escapes from modern reality through her dreams and returns to her original condition: a woman connected with nature and with her original and natural desires. Like Clarissa Pinkola tells in her book: “women loose their freedom and their power when they are in modern society. In the past, in myth and legend, women were powerful and were considered important. Modern society just close all these women in cages, with chains. They close us in kitchen, in house, in small space where women cannot express themselves anymore”.


These series it can be considered a way to self-portray myself. I want to show how I feel, how I experienced reality and how I live in modern society as a woman.