I was born in Frattamaggiore (Naples,Italy) in 1964 and I live in the province of Reggio Emilia.  Self-taught inform me through online forums and specialized magazines in the industry. Selected as a photographer from Vogue Italia and from the Art + Commerce agency in New York,  since 2015 invited to join the American agency for Freelance Blink photographers in New York.  I'm represented by the InArte / Werkkunst Gallery in Bergamo, Italy/ Hamburg,Germany. 



 In Italy on June 5, 2016 came into force after a long and difficult parliamentary process, the Law on Civil Unions between Persons of the same sex, which affirmed the legal recognition of the couple formed by persons of the same sex. 

This photographic project entitled Shadows in the shadows, aims to raise awareness of the condition of life 

of those people who live in the shadows their "different" Love. Although the law has been passed, in daily life reality remains distorted, in most of Italy, especially in the South, society is not yet ready, where families remove their homosexual child from home because different love is not allowed because it pours shame and derision on the family. 

The right to love, which is inherent in the nature of every person, is often underestimated….