I am a self-taught photographer. Born somewhere in the alps on theborders between Italy and Swiss Confederations. My school educationwent up to a university degree ..or wathever you call it.. had notinterest at all in that. After Uni I lived here and there focusing inmy passion for images that I saw in my mind and wanted to recreateslowly honing my skills either in digital and analog photography andvisual art. Now based in Sardinia I keep moving around promoting mywork. I did collective exposition in Rome , Milan, Turin and Parisand some of my works are currently on display at various location.Basically, I'm looking for feelings trying to capture the surrealinside the everyday landscape. 




Dream House. 

In the house time slow down,hair on the floor look darker without a linoleum frame.Something schorching haunts the flats.All movement carefully crafted,takæhe foot of a shitty hill,builded upsidedown,little screws stabbed in the joints,wired deep under a fragile skin,right through the nails.Flimsy monsters,dressed in chiffons and ballerinas shoes.Surrounded by the scent of hair dye blended wi' chiken soup,pulled by the hair into a crazy routine,sitting on the green chair of ambiguity ..That golden boring fine line,day after day,same old shit either with friends or strangers. ..homes,walls painted too bright,smell of fear,a call to run away..Houses hide every secrets.