My works are resultants as the pearl for the oyster

Alessandra Guttagliere makes images appear from fragments of differents arts and languages. Drawing, photography, videoart, trasmutation of flowers, Tarot de Marseille, traditional arts as tantric painting, are some of her instruments united by the strong and tender discipline of making reality poetry and spirituality appears.

Each instrument of art is generative, photography generates flowerʼs practice, flowerʼs practice generates drawing, drawing generates poetry. Instruments can also overlap. A single image can be the seed for a big number of branches. A world of continuous movement of intersections.

Alessandra Guttagliere uses arts and instruments with intuition, she doesnʼt know techniques but values. A color is a value. She is a wild searcher.

Even though the density of sense, her world of art is dry and simple, sometimes indigent, both in her soul and in her aesthetic, I could give you an example, she pics her fragments of paper for her production of papier collés from only a book, always the same or she never buy materials, favouring old ones.

Most of her works are one of a kind, exact and sincere, caused by an uncompromising, careful and ruled time of work. She knows that from matter others matters are emanate as radiators of something more intangible.

Maybe her themes could be : exploration, geographies, reinvention, going into, getting inside in the invisible and over, finally getting peace and contradict because every thing lasts, also a brilliant idea and vision should be pushed beyond.

Scenographer, more interested in verbal scenography, Alessandra Guttagliere is an artist dealing with reality and poetry. Her multilanguage work has been visible at MAXXI, Triennal Design Museum, Venise sur Seine, Pavillon des Canaux as tarologue. My works are resultants as the pearl for the oyster, art just makes life perceptible to the senses.